Atmos Multi boilers are very compact and fit within a small cupboard. They are no longer manufactured so a combination of the Intergas HRE SB boiler and the OSO SC150 litre hot water tank will fit one above the other in a cupboard of 700mm wide x 650mm deep x 2350 high, leaving enough room for the flue connection on top. This combination gives a greater hot water output than the Multi within the same space, so is an ideal replacement solution.

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OSO Supercoil 150 litre unvented hot water tank

The OSO SC150 comes complete with built in expansion vessels, thermostatic blending valve, pressure reducing valve, a Honeywell 3 port valve tundish and safety valves which meets all regulatory requirements. All connections are on top making it easy to fit underneath a system boiler, and with pre-plumbed connections reduces installation time

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