Atmos Coopra Replacement

Atmos Coopra Compact Range

Atmos Compact 15B and 30B boilers are unique insofar that they have a dual output for heating and an indirect hot water tank, with a built in diverter valve. When replacing the Compact boiler an S plan or the Intergas X plan will be required. The 15B can be replaced with an Intergas HRE-SB18, and the 30B with an HRE-SB30.

Atmos Compact 30K is a high output combination boiler, and can be replaced by the Intergas HRE -36/30 combi boiler or the Xclusive 36 which has a built in expansion vessel.

Atmos Compact  35C and 40C are heating only boilers, and can be replaced with the HRE SB40

Expansion Vessels

The Compact boilers do not have a built in expansion vessel.

Flue Systems

Flue systems; Intergas boilers must be fitted with Intergas flue products to meet UK Gas regulations. Existing flues may be used in some cases, check with Atmos Innovations for advice.