Condensaway pump

The Condensaway pump is mounted to the side of the boiler or below with the optional mounting plate, and the condensate discharge pipe is connected to it. The outlet is connected to the 4mm discharge tube with the push fit connector supplied. The power is connected from the boiler mains supply. A red light shows when the power is on, and if the alarm level is reached the red light flashes to indicate a fault. The high pressure pump turns on for approximately 90 seconds several times a day, and has a noise level of 40-45 dB, which means it can be heard when it operates.


Under the cover

The condensate runs into the tank, and when the float reaches the ON level the pump is switched on to discharge the condensate until it falls to the OFF level. The tank contains two stainless steel filters to prevent debris accumulating on the float switch or the nozzle. If for any reason the condensate reaches the higher alarm level the boiler is switched off until the level falls and then automatically switched on again. 

Condensate delivery tube

The 4mm condensate discharge tube is clipped to the side of the boiler with adhesive clips supplied, and then enters the flue pipe through the flue inspection cap. The supplied 4mm drill is used to drill a hole in the cap through which the tube is passed and forms a leak free interference fit.

For the service engineer there is plenty of room for a 9mm test probe, and the cap cannot be dropped or lost as it is fixed to the tube.

Condensate discharge

Using the standard wall terminal the nozzle assembly is fixed to the terminal by a single screw through a hole drilled in the top of the terminal. When the pump is switched on (on average once and hour) the condensate is emitted as a fine mist into the warm flue gas. If freezing has occurred overnight the tube and nozzle is quickly unfrozen (laboratory tested down to -26 deg C).  If the terminal is near a door or public footpath, we recommend a plume management kit to take the flue terminal to a more suitable position, as the mist and flue products may be unacceptable to some customers.