Atmos Multi Replacement

The Atmos Multi is a unique product which is a fast recovery 80 litre unvented hot water tank with a built in gas boiler. This provides a sustantial hot water supply suitable for properties with 2 or more bathrooms or showers, so the replacement needs to meet the hot water demand of the property. We recommend the following boilers:

High Output Combi

High output combi boiler such as Intergas Xclusive 36, EcoRF 36 or HRE 36. These are adequate for one bathroom and a shower running at the same time. These boilers have the same top air/flue connection as the Multi, which means easy connection to the existing air/flue system.

High Hot Water Demand

For higher hot water demands we recommend a heating only boiler from the HRE SB range, together with an OSO Supercoil indirect hot water tank OSO SC150. The 120 litre and 150 litre tanks will fit underneath the boiler, and due to the compact construction the installation will fit into a cupboard of 600mm deep, 700mm wide and 2350 mm high. The 150 litre has a fast recovery coil, which means better hot water but also is adaptable for a heat pump in the future.